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 My dad has cancer. 

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January-March?? Media
let's take all that we need
I'm going to start keeping track of stuff I read/watched again and update it as time goes on. Useful, and right now a good distraction.

Stuff that I watched like the tail end of December counts towards January because it feels weird if it doesn't.

ETA: I lost track of this so I'm going to lump some of it together.

*re-read or re-watch
~ continuing show

Books and Comics

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Martian

Mozart in the Jungle S2
Degrassi Next Class S1 (gross)
Steven Universe S2~
Broad City S2~
Jane the Virgin S2~
Miraculous Ladybug S1~
Daredevil S2
GBBO Series 5
Downton Abbey Series 6, I GUESS
Catastrophe S2 (at some point???)

Including podcasts on this is not realistic but man I have listened to a lot of MBMBAM lately. Like, a lot. It is my favorite thing.

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the dream of the early to mid-2000s is alive
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In an last-ditch effort to stave off stress, I uploaded a ton of new Dreamwidth icons and I'm STILL ADDING MORE. Remember icons? Remember how seriously we took icons and keywords, and how adding a bunch of new ones was such a relaxing and yet also challenging task? Maybe I will even actually use this journal regularly now, so I can use my cool new icons. Maybe this is a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION.

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let's take all that we need
Dear Yulegolem,

I am so glad you are writing a story for me! I want to start out by thanking you, and reminding you that there is literally no point in doing this if it isn't enjoyable for you. That is the most important thing. These are suggestions and prompts only.

All of my requests have this in common: they are about universes that are changing, physically and historically, and the people who are swept up in that turmoil. The thing I am most interested in, in my stories this year and maybe also generally in life, is place as an extension of character, and heroes whose emotional journeys are products of their environment.

Maybe this tag on my tumblr will be something you find useful. (If I post further bonus things for you, I will tag them #yuletide-2013 so you can easily find them.)

Some other things I like:Collapse )

Beasts of the Southern Wild, Up on Poppy Hill, Seven Kingdoms, In the Heights, Madoka MagicaCollapse )



(That's me affectionately throwing a snowball at you.)

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I'm tired of people telling me what my life is or will or won't be. I've spent my whole life doing things or afraid to do things because other people wanted me to or because I wanted so badly to please, and I'm done with that. Or, I'm going to try my best to be done with that. I'm not going to mourn for a life I haven't even decided what to do with yet. It is still my life. Other people aren't me. There are so many ways out, so many ways to do things that are unexpected and maybe different from the ways I've surrounded myself with, so many kinds of lives to live, none of which are closed to me.

I'm not doomed to any fate! Come on. I choose what happens next, and I am not resigned. I am the only one who chooses - nobody is going to choose for me, not anymore.

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let&#39;s take all that we need
So here I am and I am still alive. This year has been an uphill battle in every way. I have done and accomplished so much, but I have been so sick, and so sad, and so scared, in a way that I never thought I could be. Suspected, but a depth of it I hadn’t yet felt. It is five a.m. and I am writing this before I get a coffee in me and go to back to the city to go to work and I had a night full of bad dreams so forgive me if it doesn’t make any sense but. Man. 2012! What a year. The new year scares me. I’m usually excited for it but I’m not ready to let go of this one because I feel like I’ve failed it and there aren’t good things waiting on the other side. I really thought - and this was probably silly of me - that there was going to be an upward trend this year. And I guess in some ways there was. But I can’t see that right now.

Maybe I’ll have a better picture eventually. Right now, though: I got out alive. I got out of a lot of things alive. I didn’t think I would. I live in a city I adore. I have people who love me fiercely, even when I don’t love myself. Who have done and are doing incredible things for me and supporting me in ways I can’t even begin to really express the proper appreciation for. I am very lucky.

There is a part of me that I am going to choose to listen to that is quiet but is saying ‘keep fighting’. Even thought it seems pointless.

That’s all. 2013 resolution: sword out, keep fucking fighting. It will be worth it eventually. It is worth it now. I have to believe this. I don’t really have another reasonable choice.

Also: be kind. Always.

Anyway. I’m sitting this one out celebratorily but happy new year, guys.

P.S. Beasts of the Southern Wild was my favorite fictional thing of the year since we’re doing that

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figure I might as well
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My thread at the Holiday Love Meme 2012!

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Today [personal profile] izilen and I went to the Cloisters, and it was incredible. I don't claim to know a lot about art - there was a time when I wanted to be both an artist and an art historian, and ended up being neither of those things - but I do know a little about the feeling I get in the presence of things so much older than me, the awe of this-is-something-someone-made that lasted after they were gone and has been looked at with thousands of eyes.

It is so easy, especially in a crowded and hurried and hot city, to remember the things that force you to know you're unimportant, to feel entirely still, in a good way. Things that almost command you to pay attention: this stone has stories inside of it, this river is glinting so bright in the sun it's hard to look at, these flowers and herbs have a family history, and until this is all gone people are going to keep making things that last longer than whatever anybody up here on the very top of an island in the 2010s might be feeling or thinking.

Being a human being in the world is pretty amazing I guess is my point.

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Ladyfest exists now! On Livejournal and Dreamwidth. You should go join. You know. If you want. ONLY IF YOU WANT. I will love you, either way.

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So I've gotten a fair amount of interest on tumblr, but I thought I'd also bring it up here where it's less likely to get lost in the ether:

Avatar Ladyfest II is happening!

1. If participating by drawing art or writing fic, or singing up as a pitch hitter interests you, please let me know so I can get a vague count going ahead of time.

2. If you are interested in possibly being a co/assistant mod, also definitely let me know! I would not like to repeat the experience of trying to run an exchange entirely by myself again.

3. I'm beginning to rough the timeline out but if you have something to say about times that would ABSOLUTELY NOT BE GOOD AT ALL or conflicting fandom stuff that's going on I might not know about, etc, third verse, same as the first.

I miss writing in this thing. A real post, soon, yes.

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