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let's take all that we need
I'm tired of people telling me what my life is or will or won't be. I've spent my whole life doing things or afraid to do things because other people wanted me to or because I wanted so badly to please, and I'm done with that. Or, I'm going to try my best to be done with that. I'm not going to mourn for a life I haven't even decided what to do with yet. It is still my life. Other people aren't me. There are so many ways out, so many ways to do things that are unexpected and maybe different from the ways I've surrounded myself with, so many kinds of lives to live, none of which are closed to me.

I'm not doomed to any fate! Come on. I choose what happens next, and I am not resigned. I am the only one who chooses - nobody is going to choose for me, not anymore.

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Yes, this is accurate.


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