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January-March?? Media
let's take all that we need
I'm going to start keeping track of stuff I read/watched again and update it as time goes on. Useful, and right now a good distraction.

Stuff that I watched like the tail end of December counts towards January because it feels weird if it doesn't.

ETA: I lost track of this so I'm going to lump some of it together.

*re-read or re-watch
~ continuing show

Books and Comics

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Martian

Mozart in the Jungle S2
Degrassi Next Class S1 (gross)
Steven Universe S2~
Broad City S2~
Jane the Virgin S2~
Miraculous Ladybug S1~
Daredevil S2
GBBO Series 5
Downton Abbey Series 6, I GUESS
Catastrophe S2 (at some point???)

Including podcasts on this is not realistic but man I have listened to a lot of MBMBAM lately. Like, a lot. It is my favorite thing.

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What podcasts do you listen to? I've been trying to find new ones! I like This American Life, obv, because of Adrienne, and Serial, and Lore, and this one that just plays the music from Disney rides. So.

I listen to a lot of stuff on MaxFun: The Flophouse (bad movies), Sawbones (medical history), MBMBAM (three brothers give "advice").

Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men (they are married which makes this extra great), Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith (screenwriter interviews), Pop Culture Happy Hour, The JV Club (Janet Varney and her beautiful voice talk about what high school was like with various female celebrities).

Obviously Mystery Show.

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