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the dream of the early to mid-2000s is alive
let's take all that we need
In an last-ditch effort to stave off stress, I uploaded a ton of new Dreamwidth icons and I'm STILL ADDING MORE. Remember icons? Remember how seriously we took icons and keywords, and how adding a bunch of new ones was such a relaxing and yet also challenging task? Maybe I will even actually use this journal regularly now, so I can use my cool new icons. Maybe this is a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION.

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ICONS!!! MER!!! <333

That is all.

(Also, is there a way to get in touch with you...? I misses you!)

<3 I miss you too.

I'm meredyd.rose on gchat! I feel like I added you a long time ago and you never showed up...and I THINK that's because I spelled your name wrong.............ahahaha

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